Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the area of dentistry where our goals are to directly improve the esthetics of your teeth with specific treatment options such as esthetic bonding, veneers, and white fillings. A patient may not like the shape or size of their front teeth, and to address these concerns we can often use veneers to idealize the look of the teeth. In this case the teeth won’t necessarily have decay that needs to be removed, as this treatment is purely cosmetic.

Other applications

An extension of cosmetic dentistry is the situation where we provide the traditional dental care that you are used to while at the same time taking into account the specific esthetic needs of the area of your mouth.

Crowns in the front vs. crowns in the back

For example, we often use different materials for crowns in the front of the mouth vs. crowns in the back of the mouth. The reason is that because crowns in the front teeth need a material that is more esthetic as opposed to crowns in the back of the mouth need a material that, while also esthetic, excels in absorbing the heavy forces generated from chewing.

The image below shows metal-free, all ceramic crowns which are used in the front of the mouth to maximize esthetics.