Your First Visit

What your first visit will be like:
Dentistry today has so much to offer... reconstructive dentistry, modern oral cancer screening, veneers, whitening, implants...what is right for you? It has to begin with a comprehensive exam and diagnosis.

Unless there is some immediate concern, urgency, or a strictly cosmetic consult, the first visit will involve a comprehensive exam. If there is an immediate concern, it may need to be addressed first, then followed by a comprehensive evaluation. Before you and Dr. Zembroski can determine what is possible for long-term stability with regard to comfort, function, health and esthetics, your current condition is assessed. Your exam is a baseline for future comparisons and is the basis for a lifetime master plan for oral health.

The following will be done during your INITIAL EVALUATION: 

  • Review your medical and dental history. Evaluate your medications and how it affects the mouth.
  • Clarifying your concerns, wants and expectations and/or problems.
  • Blood pressure screening.
  • VELscope Oral cancer examination (done by our dental hygienists and Doctor)
  • Visual and laser light tooth examination to check for decay, cracks, wear and future esthetics.
  • Full series of 20 small x-ray views to show decay, infection and bone condition.
  • Periodontal examination which measures all gum tissues to check for hidden gum disease, recession, and other signs of gum disease.
  • Temporomandibular joint and headache examination which includes a range of motion tests to check jaw movements. We Palpate (press) all muscle groups both within and outside the mouth for any signs of discomfort or tension.
  • Bite examination (bite problems can cause dental failures, and cause headaches).
  • Check to see if all teeth touch equally and how teeth meet when jaw moves in all directions.
  • Saliva test if indicated.

After your examination, Dr. Zembroski will:

  • Review all findings and make a specific diagnosis for your current condition.
  • Discuss your treatment recommendations, fees and sequence.
  • Give you a written report.
  • Answer all questions to your satisfaction and understanding

Dr. Zembroski will then discuss everything at a consultation appointment and develop an individualized long-term treatment program and sequence.